About Us

Welcome to Alpha Dessert Juice Café – your gateway to a universe of splendid flavors! We celebrate the artistry of fusion food and desserts, a delightful merging of various cuisines and cultures. By adding our locally-inspired twists into traditional recipes, we’re excited to offer guests of all backgrounds and ages an encounter with flavors they might be tasting for the first time.


Our broad menu spans from creamy milkshakes and classic desserts to a vibrant selection of freshly squeezed juices and savory delights. In addition, our menu shines a spotlight on comfort food, featuring mouth-watering burgers, spicy chicken sandwiches, quesadillas, paratha rolls, beef tacos, and invigorating beverages – reimagining the concept of a Fusion Dessert Café.


At Alpha, we’re about more than just food – our mission is to “Serve Up Happiness!” Come, take this gastronomic voyage with us and let us awaken your taste buds in unique and exciting ways!