Alpha Dessert Juice Cafe

Serving up Happiness!

Indulge in a fusion adventure at Alpha Dessert Juice Café, your go-to dessert shop where East meets West in every bite and sip! From the richest milkshakes in Houston to a variety of zesty juices and savory treats,

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Our menu is all about celebrating the vibrant diversity of our community. Every dish promises a burst of flavor and a unique dining experience.

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Join us to explore exciting new tastes and enjoy our friendly, communal atmosphere.

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Quality, Flavor, and Joy in Every Jar

Welcome to a world where milkshakes aren’t just drinks but treasures in mason jars. At Alpha Dessert Juice Café, we pour love, creativity, and vibrant Houston flavors into every jar.

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Scoop Up Happiness with Every Bite

Dive into our homemade ice cream heaven at Alpha Dessert Juice Café. A scoop for every smile, a flavor for every fancy. Discover the world of flavor with Alpha’s ice creams – your taste buds deserve it.

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Enjoy the Crunch with Every Munch

Step into the world of Alpha Dessert Juice Café’s signature fast food treats—where every bite is a blend of crunch, flavor, and spice. Revel in our array of gourmet fast food options, from crispy Samosa Chaat to the zesty Mango Habanero Burger, each crafted to satisfy your cravings with style.

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Our menu is designed to turn quick meals into memorable dining experiences. Don’t just eat; savor the burst of flavors with our specially crafted Poblano Escobar Burger and the beloved Alpha Chicken Panini.

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Taste the Fusion of Flavors with Us

Discover vibrant juices, delectable dessert, flavorful ice creams, and savory treats. Our global-inspired menu ensures every bite is unforgettable, leaving you craving more.

Franchise Opportunity

With Alpha Dessert Juice Cafe

Join a Growing Family of Fusion Flavors and Turn Your Business Vision into Reality with Our Successful Café Model.

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Our Customer Reviews

Dive into our treasure trove of customer testimonials and see why our guests keep coming back for more!


Alpha Dessert Juice Café has teamed up with Justspresso to bring a premium coffee experience to our menu. It’s more than just a coffee; it’s an invitation to indulge in the art, and passion poured into every Justspresso brew.

Join us at Alpha Dessert Juice Café and let Justspresso’s premium blends turn your ordinary moments into remarkable coffee journeys.

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Explore our blog for the latest recipes, café news, and vibrant community food stories and discover what makes us the best dessert shop near you. Your go-to read for all things delicious!

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